People within the cultural framework did not see art

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Samadhi You have just published a new collection of photographs. We would like to know about it
Those who look different than the ones I am currently publishing. I am a florist of foreign designers, fashion designers. Actually I did this photoshoot last year .. This is not my first experience .I only did this for months. I love art. I did my best for this photoshoot.

Why did you think that?
I want to study practically every aspect of representation. I always do what I feel is right for me. I have performed various aspects of the field of representation. In every way.

Were there accusations that after the collection of these photographs, you too were going to become famous?
Some people don’t even know who I am. They have to say, if Matt wanted to be famous, why would I have waited so many years … Those who have been with me know that … some may have a problem with this … we haven’t seen if Industry is old … what has he done … ” That’s not what I’m doing in this field. As an all-rounder I do not embrace representation … I study every aspect of art … I have a target in my mind … I only want to go to that target … I’m just a normal person … I don’t want anyone calling me a model actress dancer. And modeling, actin, dancing … they are not my job. I work as an accountant in a private company.

How did you respond to the publication of this collection?
A lot of people appreciated my talent … and the people inside the cultural frame didn’t see the art in the photoshoot … say, sad people in the art industry look at it from the wrong perspective. There is art in everything. People who know it know the value of art.

What do you have to say to those looking at you?
I can’t change the way people think. I don’t even try. All I have to do is look who I want. It doesn’t matter to me. Some people in Sri Lanka still live in the Stone Age. That’s why some people are still in the same place.

Samadhi’s family involved in art? How do they respond?
Most people in my family have different artistic talents. My family doesn’t like that I’m an artist. Because they have more years of experience in the field than me … they know better than I do what people are like and animals … that’s why they are not so supportive. They supported me and encouraged me. They are the best people in the art industry to this day.

Is Samadhi a traditional girl?
I’m not a traditionalist. Those near me know it. I think the way I dress is also very different. But I dress for the right place. Being a foreigner, I am not a fan of traditional style. He’s about to go abroad. Due to the epidemic spreading around the world, everything has been postponed.

We have heard that some people have been embarrassing you since posting this photo. Is that true?
Yes. There were many troubles. This is why the way a person dresses cannot read the person’s mind. The people outside did not give us food to eat. They always look for the opportunity to make something emotional. There are intelligent people. They can’t think intelligently. They don’t want to behave like depressed people. In the past, I was very upset because of people’s low standards. But I don’t care. Stay tuned. Barry’s gone. My hubby has been my jesus ever since. As long as there is Jesu in my life, no one can trample me down.

Some say you are scared. Not much talk. What about it?
I like to be alone. Some people say that when I see them the way I am, I don’t speak in fear or anger … because that’s what I was when I was a child. I’m a side of my loss. Not yesterday. It has been so since childhood. I love loneliness

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