A young woman who challenges her job and shows ability


At a time when some are looking forward to getting a job,

they did This time Lankayouth is having a conversation with a young woman who

quit her job and went into a risky business of selling food products and making cakes.

Her name is Buddhika de Silva. This article is based on a conversation I had with her.


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Buddhika … How are you? Tell us what are you doing?
I am a chef. Formerly worked as a chef. Now I’m leaving and running my own business. Actually I am a business girl now.

How did you get into this business?
I gained experience from the job. I wanted to make my own food. That is the desire I have had since I was a child.

When it comes to the challenges of starting a business as a young woman.
The business has been doing well since its inception. The biggest challenge I faced was the Kovid epidemic.

What products are in your business?
Cakes, butter cakes, chocolate cakes, date cakes, any kind of cake, birthday cakes and festive cakes.
We also serve wedding cakes, short eats (patties, rolls, pastries, burgers, shawarma, submarines, etc.) as well as food for festive occasions.

If you talk about the knowledge and experience you have gained in this regard.
I have completed Bakery and Cookery courses at the National Youth Services Council of Sri Lanka and obtained NVQ certificates. Mount Lavinia Hotel, Fab, Keells Products Bakery and KFC I have the knowledge and experience gained from working in the company.

In what way can you buy your products?
You can come to our place of business called Buthsara Cakes and Eats and get the food you want and stick to it.

You said you make wedding cakes. What about that?
We produce wedding cakes from Rs. 80 to Rs. 180. Cakes can be made according to the amount of money available.
Prepare typical wedding cakes and golden wedding cakes. Prices vary depending on the situation in the country.

Why would you want to start your own business at a time when some people are looking for jobs?
Yes … it costs a lot to wait for a job in an institution or an individual or a government job or to attend various interviews for it. I worked in different places for such a long time. But one of the things that struck me was that I was not being paid according to my knowledge, effort, and time. So I decided to leave home and start my own business.

Who helps with this business?
Really very lovingly reminded of this time my dear mom. My mother is my shadow and helps me to carry on this business. Many thanks to all the teachers who provided the craft to come to this place on the left without any fists

Tell us about the problems your business is facing with the Kovid epidemic.
With the Kovid epidemic, so did the business of the whole country, not just me. So it affected me too. Because it was a short time before I started the business. With the Kovid situation, there were obstacles to deliver food and drink properly for orders. Also, the number of orders received has decreased slightly as before. I hope it will recover over time. In particular, rising commodity prices and shortages have had a severe impact.

Tell us about the area where your business is located and how you can get in touch.
My place of business is in the Pattivila housing scheme near Kelaniya and Sapugaskanda. You can contact me on 071 820 6189 and 071 672 5716. And so on
There is a Facebook page called Buthsara Cakes and Eats. You can also connect through it.

We would also like to know some details about Buddhika’s family and Buddhika.
I am an alumnus of Kelaniya Gurukula Vidyalaya. When I was 19, I took a course in Bakery and Cookery at the Youth Services Council and obtained NVQ certification. She holds a Diploma in Bridal Design from the Champy Siriwardena Academy. NV Kyu of the National Youth Services Council. The certificate has been obtained.
My mother is a retired teacher. The father is not alive. The only brother is an army captain. He is married to an Army Captain. That’s how family details are.

Finally, what do young people have to say?
Not everyone can do the standard things that are considered high jobs. Everyone has hidden talents. Take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem.

Ability to order items for your business online. What about that?
You can order our groceries by going to my Buthsara Cakes and Eats Facebook page, talking to us and accounting for the money. For more information call our 071 672 5716.

This article has been translated into Google Translate. So please note that sometimes incorrect words may be included.

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